ATL Agricultural Technology
ATL Agricultural Technology

the brief

Working alongside Define Creative to build a product centred information website for ATL to showcase their Farming equipment and solutions. We were employed by Define Creative to help them build a responsive website for their client.

This website was to include a large scale designs and build which housed multiple product guides and brochures along with a portfolio and video showcase.


Agricultural Manufacturing


Web design

ATL Agricultural Technology
ATL Agricultural Technology

the website

The final design was nothing less than spectacular. The moo'd of the website was totally transformed by the work of the Define team and the Wiggle team. The ATL brand has been fully optimised throughout the website, with their manuals and guides being easily accessible and beautifully displayed.

We're sure all the cows and sheep would agree that the site really captures their good sides.

ATL Agricultural TechnologyATL Agricultural Technology

🗺️ Streamlined Navigation: We revamped ATL Agriculture's website for a more user-friendly experience, focusing on streamlined navigation. The redesign ensures that customers can easily access information, product manuals, and identify parts, enhancing overall usability.

📚 Comprehensive PDF Catalogue: We implemented a catalog of PDFs, enabling ATL Agriculture to showcase product manuals efficiently. This feature simplifies access for customers, allowing them to readily find and download the information they need.

💻 User-Managed CMS: Our solution includes a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that empowers ATL Agriculture to manage and update content independently. This feature ensures that the website stays current, and new information can be added seamlessly.

📱 Responsive Design for Accessibility: The website redesign incorporates a responsive design, adapting effortlessly to different devices. This ensures that customers can navigate and access information whether they are using desktops, tablets, or smartphones, enhancing overall accessibility.

🎨 Brand Awareness Refinement: To refine brand awareness, we implemented cohesive design elements and messaging throughout the website. This unified branding approach creates a consistent and memorable experience for visitors, reinforcing ATL Agriculture's identity and values.

Responsive you ask? Absolutely.

We achieved website responsiveness through a holistic redesign approach. Employing a flexible grid system, optimised media elements, and strategically implemented media queries, we ensured adaptability across various devices. Rigorous user testing fine-tuned the design, guaranteeing a seamless and user-friendly experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This responsive design not only enhances accessibility and user engagement but also contributes to improved search engine visibility, establishing a strong online presence for our client.

ATL Agricultural TechnologyATL Agricultural Technology

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