Define Creative
Define Creative

the brief

A new website for a new company. We worked with the team at Define Creative to create an interactive, one-of-a-kind website which would help them show off their incredible work and attract clients for new projects.

It needed to show show off their personality - showing customers exactly who they were with one small glance. It's safe to say Define Creative colour outside the lines and aren't scared to shout about their values.


Creative Agency


Web design

Define Creative
Define Creative

the website

Define Creative's website is a vibrant showcase of the agency's creative prowess, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a visually stimulating journey. The carefully designed platform serves as a dynamic portfolio, unveiling a diverse range of projects that reflect the agency's innovation and expertise. Seamlessly promoting the brand identity, the website cleverly outlines Define Creative's array of services, providing clarity and insight into their creative offerings.

Tailored landing pages for each service bring an extra touch of personality, complemented by custom forms for a personalised user experience. With an effortlessly managed Content Management System (CMS), Define Creative enjoys the freedom to inject fresh and engaging content into the digital realm, ensuring that their online presence continues to radiate the same creativity and dynamism that defines their work.

Define CreativeDefine Creative

🖼️ Immersive Visual Journey: Define Creative's website offers an immersive visual journey, capturing visitors' attention and inviting them to explore the agency's creative prowess in a vibrant and dynamic manner.

🎨 Dynamic Portfolio Showcase: The carefully designed platform functions as a dynamic portfolio, showcasing a diverse array of projects that reflect their innovation and expertise, providing a comprehensive overview of their capabilities.

🚀 Strategic Brand Promotion: The website seamlessly promotes Define Creative's brand identity, strategically outlining the array of services offered. This clarity and insight into their creative offerings help visitors understand the agency's unique value proposition.

📈 SEO-Optimised Landing Pages: Define Creative strategically employs landing pages tailored for SEO, incorporating relevant keywords and content that enhance the website's visibility on search engines. These pages are designed to attract organic traffic and boost the overall search engine rankings.

📝 Effortless Content Management: With an effortlessly managed Content Management System (CMS), Define Creative has the flexibility to inject fresh and engaging content into the digital realm. This ensures that their online presence remains dynamic, reflecting the same creativity and dynamism that define their exceptional work.

Responsive you ask? Absolutely.

Define Creative's website is not just a visual spectacle, but a responsive playground that caters to users on every device imaginable. Our design philosophy revolves around ensuring a seamless and delightful experience, no matter if you're browsing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The responsive design effortlessly adapts, providing an optimal layout and navigation for each screen size. From exploring their diverse portfolio to engaging with tailored service landing pages, users can dance through the website with the same level of joy and interactivity across all devices. With this approach, Define Creative ensures that their creative world is accessible and enjoyable for everyone, embracing the versatility of the digital landscape.

Define CreativeDefine Creative

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