Driveaway School of Motoring
Driveaway School of Motoring

the brief

Driveaway School of Motoring approached us with a clear vision: a comprehensive overhaul of their website to modernise its look, improve user experience, and enhance functionality. Their primary goals included faster load times, a user-friendly content management system (CRM) for easy updates, a streamlined form intake system integrated with Google Sheets for efficient inquiry management, and individual profiles for their driving instructors.


Driving School


Website Design

Driveaway School of Motoring
Driveaway School of Motoring

the website

Our team successfully transformed Driveaway School of Motoring's online presence, delivering a modern, visually appealing website that perfectly encapsulates their brand identity. The redesign focuses on a user-centric approach, showcasing the driving school's commitment to an enjoyable learning journey. We incorporated their branding seamlessly, making strategic colour palette choices that resonate with their values and convey professionalism. The website now serves as a vibrant and informative platform, engaging both potential learners and instructors. This site doesn't just drive; it cruises in style, offering an experience smoother than a well-executed three-point turn. Buckle up for the digital joyride of a lifetime! 🚗💨

Driveaway School of MotoringDriveaway School of Motoring

🎨 Modernised Design: The website underwent a significant visual upgrade, incorporating contemporary design elements that reflect the driving school's commitment to quality education.

🔄 Efficient CRM Integration: We implemented a robust content management system that empowers Driveaway to effortlessly update website content, ensuring it remains current and relevant.

⚡ Optimised Load Times: Through strategic optimisation, we achieved faster load times, contributing to an improved user experience and encouraging prolonged engagement.

📋 Integrated Form System: The incorporation of a user-friendly form system, seamlessly integrated with Google Sheets, facilitates efficient management of inquiries, enhancing the school's responsiveness.

👤 Individual Instructor Profiles: Driving instructors now have dedicated profiles, allowing prospective students to connect on a personal level and make informed decisions.

Responsive you ask? Absolutely.

Acknowledging the significance of accessibility, we meticulously crafted a website that seamlessly adapts to various platforms. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, users enjoy a consistent and optimised functionality that ensures a smooth and responsive experience. This thoughtful responsive design not only meets user expectations but also aligns with the diverse ways people access information in today's dynamic digital landscape. It's a commitment to inclusivity and a user-centric approach that enhances the overall satisfaction of every visitor.

Driveaway School of MotoringDriveaway School of Motoring

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