Jade Pathway Clinic
Jade Pathway Clinic

the brief

Adam approached us seeking to modernise and revitalise the Jade Pathway Clinic website. The primary objectives were to enhance the clinic's branding presence, improve user experience (UX) and navigation, and integrate a robust booking system.


Holistic Health


Website Redesign & Brand Refresh

Jade Pathway Clinic
Jade Pathway Clinic

the website

We undertook a comprehensive website and brand refresh for Jade Pathway Clinic, resulting in a sleek, modern online presence that exudes strength and professionalism. The brand received a significant facelift with refreshed fonts, colours, and logo design, aligning perfectly with the clinic's holistic ethos. The website's UX and SEO were strengthened through intuitive navigation, clear messaging, and optimised content. The integration of a booking system streamlined appointment scheduling for clients, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Jade Pathway ClinicJade Pathway Clinic

🎨 Strong Branding Presence: The refreshed fonts, colours, and logo design enhanced Jade Pathway Clinic's branding presence, projecting a modern and professional image.

🌐 Enhanced User Experience (UX): Intuitive navigation and clear messaging improved the overall user experience, making it easier for clients to find information and book appointments.

📅 Robust Booking System Integration: The seamless integration of a booking system streamlined appointment scheduling, enhancing convenience for both clients and staff.

📱 Responsive Design Implementation: Adhering to responsive design principles ensured that the website was accessible and functional across all devices, contributing to increased user engagement.

👏 Positive Client Feedback: Following the website refresh, Jade Pathway Clinic received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, who appreciated the modernised look and improved functionality.

Responsive you ask? Absolutely.

Ensuring responsiveness was paramount, particularly for the booking system embed. We meticulously designed and tested the website to adhere to responsive design principles, guaranteeing seamless functionality across various devices and screen sizes. This ensured that clients could easily book appointments from desktops, tablets, or smartphones, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Jade Pathway ClinicJade Pathway Clinic

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