Koios - The home of AI psychometric insights
Koios - The home of AI psychometric insights

the brief

Koios, a forward-thinking start-up, aspires to redefine the HR and talent management landscape. Leveraging cutting-edge Acoustic AI technology, Koios empowers Talent and HR leaders to unlock human potential in innovative ways. Their mission is to revolutionise the way companies understand personalities and organisations.

Being a start-up, Koios faced the unique challenge of establishing a credible and influential digital presence from scratch. They approached us with the task of creating a website that not only showcased their revolutionary Acoustic AI technology but also highlighted their potential to disrupt the industry. They needed a platform to resonate with HR professionals and business leaders while emphasising both their innovation and practicality.


AI psychometric Insights


Web Design

Koios - The home of AI psychometric insights
Koios - The home of AI psychometric insights

the website

Our collaboration with Koios not only resulted in a powerful website but also served as a catalyst for their start-up journey. The website established Koios as an innovative player in the AI tech arena, appealing to forward-thinking HR professionals and business leaders who are eager to explore the potential of Acoustic AI in their organisations. It's a testament to how a well-executed digital presence can accelerate a start-up's path to success, especially when combined with strategic features like a waitlist to generate excitement within the audience.

Our team recognised the importance of not just building a website but creating a launchpad for Koios. Our strategic approach led to the development of a website that effectively launched Koios in the HR tech landscape as a promising start-up. The newly designed website achieved the following

Koios - The home of AI psychometric insightsKoios - The home of AI psychometric insights

🚀 Strategic Branding: We developed a visually impactful website that conveyed Koios' innovative spirit. With a clean, modern design, we aimed to establish their brand identity as a dynamic force in the tech sector, despite being a start-up.

🖼️ Visual Storytelling: To make complex Acoustic AI concepts accessible, we used a blend of high-quality visuals and storytelling. We incorporated animations and infographics to simplify and engage visitors, making the technology easy to grasp.

🧭 User-Focused Navigation: For a start-up, the first impression is crucial. We designed an intuitive navigation structure that guided visitors seamlessly through Koios' offerings and the value of Acoustic AI in HR.

📱 Mobile-First Approach: Recognising that start-up audiences often engage via mobile devices, we ensured the website was responsive across various screens. This allowed Koios to reach potential clients regardless of their device.

🌐 Online Presence for Start-up Growth: The SEO-friendly website expanded Koios' online presence, setting the stage for future growth and recognition within the HR and talent management sector.

⏳ Waitlist Momentum: The waitlist feature successfully generated a sense of anticipation and exclusivity, accumulating a pool of leads eager to explore Koios' Acoustic AI offerings upon launch.

Responsive you ask? Absolutely.

In our collaboration with Koios, we recognised the paramount importance of ensuring their website was not only visually impactful but also accessible across diverse digital platforms. Our team strategically implemented responsive design principles to guarantee a seamless and optimised user experience, regardless of the device used. This responsive approach was instrumental in reaching a broad audience of forward-thinking HR professionals and business leaders, as it allowed them to explore the innovative features of Acoustic AI on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with equal ease. The emphasis on responsiveness was not just about adapting to different screen sizes but also about creating an inclusive and user-friendly digital space, marking a significant stride in Koios' journey as a promising start-up in the HR tech landscape.

Koios - The home of AI psychometric insightsKoios - The home of AI psychometric insights

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